Eye Trauma

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When you experience eye trauma, it’s essential to seek medical attention as quickly as possible. At his clinic in Odessa, Texas, Jose Mayans, MD, offers expert eye care in a friendly environment, in both English and Spanish. Whether your eye trauma seems mild or severe, call Jose Mayans, MD, or schedule an appointment online today to protect your vision.

Eye Trauma Q & A

What causes eye trauma?

When you experience eye trauma, it can affect all areas of your eye, including your eyelids, surrounding bone, and your eye itself. These types of eye injuries can range from minor surface scratches to severe damage causing vision loss.

There are several types of eye injuries, such as:

  • Scratched eye, or corneal abrasion
  • Foreign objects in the eye
  • Chemical burns
  • Eye swelling
  • Eye bleeding, or subconjunctival hemorrhages
  • Traumatic iritis
  • Hyphemas and orbital blowout fractures

To protect your eyes from injury, it’s important to wear safety glasses when doing such things as playing contact sports, using tools, or working with caustic substances.

What are the symptoms of eye trauma?

You can experience a wide range of eye symptoms from an injury, including:

  • Severe pain or irritation
  • Pinkness or redness
  • Vision loss or light sensitivity
  • Watery discharge, tearing, or drainage
  • Feeling as though something is in your eye
  • Unusual pupil size
  • An eye that sticks out

If you experience eye trauma, it’s crucial to contact Dr. Mayans immediately so he can diagnose and manage your condition as quickly as possible.

How is eye trauma diagnosed and treated?

Dr. Mayans should examine your eye as soon as possible after you sustain an injury, even if it appears minor. In some cases, serious eye trauma may not be obvious at first, and can lead to additional complications if you delay medical treatment.

During your appointment, Dr. Mayans looks for physical signs of injury and pain, including bleeding and objects in your eye. He also checks your pupil size and shape, and your eye’s movement in relation to the other.

After examining the exterior of your eye, Dr. Mayans checks the interior using advanced eye technology, like optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA). This advanced technology creates ultra-high resolution images of your retina to look for and manage vascular eye issues.

Based on your injury and diagnosis, Dr. Mayans recommends a variety of therapies. These vary depending on your injury from flushing with eyewash to surgical treatments to repair the damage.

To learn more about preventing and treating eye trauma, call Jose Mayans, MD, or schedule an appointment online today.